Wood and Gas burning fireplaces should be cleaned for the following reasons:

The importance of a well-maintained chimney cannot be underestimated. The chimney and the flue inside are responsible for carrying the smoke away from the fireplace and out of the apartment home. The benefits of a clean chimney are twofold; it helps the fireplace function efficiently and it prevents the buildup of flammable creosote.  Even non-wood burning (gas fireplace) inserts need to be cleaned because of cobwebs and other obstructions like bird nests and landscape debris that could enter the insert over time, causing smoke to back up into the room. A clean chimney will also ensure that your fireplace is operating at its maximum efficiency, which will provide residents the most heat.

ClearVENTs Inc. contracts with property management companies to have their residents chimneys cleaned and safely maintained. 

For wood burning fireplaces, our service includes:

  • Removing creosotes and soot build-up that causes poor ventilation which is highly flammable. 
  • Removing bird nests or other blockages which can limit proper ventilation.
  • Spider webs need to be removed as they can capture dust and debris minimizing air flow.

For gas burning fireplaces, our services include:

Even though gas fireplaces burn clean, meaning that no creosotes or soot is deposited into the chimney, the structure needs to be cleaned and inspected regularly.


  • Check for Carbon monoxide leaks. 
  • Remove bird nest or other blockage which can limit proper ventilation.
  • Spider webs need to be removed as they can capture dust and debris minimizing air flow.
  • Inspect valves and connections can develop leaks.
  • Ceramic logs are checked and cleaned to ensure proper placement and are in working condition.
  • Check the burners making sure they are not clogged and flame is burning evenly. 

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