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Dryer Vents should be cleaned for the following reasons:

Wet cloths produce moist lint, which adheres to the inner lining of the dryer vent, causing an obstruction.  This blockage disrupts the exhaust of lint and hot air from the dryer.  When your dryer vent can't exhaust properly, it overheats because it takes multiple attempts to dry cloths, which will decrease the life of the dryer unit and most importantly can cause fires if not cleaned over time.  To keep your residents dryer efficient and safe, a professionally cleaned dryer vent allows the dryer duct (from dryer to building exit) to be free of any lint build up, birds nests, landscape debris that accumulates over time.  ClearVENTs Inc. contracts with property management companies to have their residents' dryer vents cleaned on a regular basis. 

We offer additional solutions for:

Custom Vent Duct Covers:  Eliminates debris or animals from entering from the exterior of the dryer duct, there by blocking air flow. 

Vent Cap Replacement: Due to age and weather the vent caps on your buildings exterior become unsightly. We have low cost solutions to replace those  broken and cracked vent caps